Top 4 Power Towers for Exercise : Ultimate 2017 Buying Guide

Top 4 Power Towers for Exercise : Ultimate 2017 Buying Guide

Have you ever tried working out with Power Tower to get a perfect body? Well, Power Towers are the right equipment’s for building up the upper body and abdominal muscle strength. They are many exercises like as knee raise, etc. that can be performed with the power tower. Without taking a large area of space, power tower is the perfect tool for getting good fitness. Here in this post you can find out the best power towers 2016.

Points to be remembered-Best 2016 Power Tower for Exercise:

There are many things you must keep in mind before you get a power tower. Be very careful because there are many fraudsters in the market who will try to lure you and sell out their fake products.

  • Check the size of the product carefully. Make sure that you are choosing a power tower in which you will fit perfectly.
  • Before you buy this product make sure that you have the right space where you can place the tower and workout without any hindrance.
  • Price, design and quality will vary depending upon the product. So select it very carefully and read all the specifications and descriptions before purchasing.

Best Power Towers of 2016:

Down below I have listed some of the best power towers of 2016. Check them out.


  • Weider Power Tower:


It has a pull up bars with a padded hand grip which helps you in getting a toned back and shoulders. The push up handles will work perfectly for your biceps and chest. It also has a pair of Parallel handle bars.

Pros: It has a multi-grip pull up station which refines your back and arm muscles.

Cons: Sometimes when buying online we get a dislocated item which is very difficult to assemble.

Doing just pull ups and chin ups aren’t enough for increasing your cardio strength. Weight training, doing Dead lifts and also weightlifting are very important for increasing strength. It’s recommended that when you are doing weightlifting you should use proper gears for it, TheFitnessFolder has a great buying guide on top weightlifting shoes one should go through that guide before buying a pair for him/her.

  • Stamina 690 Power Tower:


It has a multiple exercise stations and you can perform exercises like push ups and pull ups, triceps dips etc. It has a free standing design that fits easily in your work place or in your home.

Pros:  It has a tough steel frame that provides good support and the design is quite outstanding.

Cons: According to the customer reviews, this product cannot handle heavy weights.


  • Gold’s Gym XR 10.9:


This power towers has a knee raise station that helps you to get a six pack. It has a padded hand grips for push-up workouts. It also has a multi-grip pull-up station for building strong arms and a dips station for building triceps, shoulder muscles with body strength.

Pros: It offers a knee raise station for gaining strength and fitness has a multi-grip pull-up station.

Cons: It would have been better if it has a vertical pull-up.


  • Pro Gear 275 Power Tower Fitness Station:


It weighs up to 275 pounds and has longer durability. The high-end construction is quite an advantageous feature of this Power Tower. Even the people who are short in height can reach up the pull up bars.

Pros: This product has 2 inches thick forearms that make this product quite durable.

Cons: It is pretty costly when compared to other power towers.


So these are top 4 power towers according to me. I will suggest that you go with the Stamina 690 Power Tower because of its efficiency. So don’t waste your time anymore and get your Power Tower now.

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