Top 5 Air Mattresses – Best Reviews 2017

Introduction to Air mattresses

Air mattresses are also referred as sleeping pad or air bed.They are basically PVC blow up mattresses, which are filled with air. Traditional mattresses are filled with latex, foam or wool, but Air mattresses incorporate air that is filled by an electric powered pump.

These mattresses can be used for picnics, campaigns or parties, or even as your kids mattress, but using it as bed mattress would be inappropriate. If you want to choose a mattress for your kids, you can always refer to Mattressify Kids Mattress reviews for a detailed comparison between different mattresses. The amount of satisfaction that you receive from latex or spring mattress, is definitely impossible to get in air mattresses. 

However, people suffering back pain prefer to rest on Air mattress. One basic reason for this is, an adjustable comfort level. You can adjust the level of firmness and softness according to your comfort level.

In addition to that, Air mattresses has another advantage over traditional mattresses. You can easily carry the mattress in your luggage and feel no weight. And so makes it one of the most appealing selling point. You can either use them as a permanent bed or roll it and keep it in your elmira. Alternatively, the flexibility and pricing make it the most popular household item in many countries across the globe.

Top 5 Air mattresses

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing top 5 Air mattresses and their pro and cons.

1. SoundAsleep – Dream series

SoundAsleep air mattress is one of the most popular mattress in the market today. It comes in queen size at 58” * 78” *19”. The height supports internal pump that inflates or deflates the mattress within 4 minutes. The two separate layers enable you to increase the comfort level as per your body preference. It can also be used for picnics, outdoors and, guest bedding. It is available at affordable prices for customers.

2. ALPS Mountaineering  – Rechargeable

Alps mountaineering mattress defines itself by its name. It comes in two sizes – twin and queen. Both the sizes are easy to fit in tent and can be used indoors as well. The best thing about ALPS mattress is its light weight (8.5lbs). Alps mattress comes with a flexible carry bag to easily fold and keep it in your elmira. It especially comes with external pump, which has a phone charger and a wall charger. It is indeed, one of the best air mattress of the year.

3. Serta – neverFLAT

The latest mattress has a plethora of features, it comes in two sizes starting from 74” * 39” (twin) and  80” * 60” (queen). There are two built- in pumps, one is structured for inflating and deflating the mattress, whereas, the other one maintains the pressure in the mattress whistle you’re sleeping.. If you’re looking for something durable and comfortable, Serta is going to be the best choice of the year.

4. Intsa bed- Comfort plush

This is yet another air mattress that is popular amongst its users. It comes in two sizes – twin and queen. The internal pump allows to inflate and deflate air easily as well as, it maintains the pressure in the mattress throughout the night. An enticing feature to note is its adjustable firmness selection in the form of Plush, medium, and Firm. You’ll never be able to tell the difference between an innerspring mattress or Air mattress. It is quite popular in the market due to high quality and reasonable prices.

5. Intex – Comfort Plush

Intex in one air mattress that has created stir in the market today. It specifically duplicates its traditional bedding but with additional benefits. With high-powered electric pump you can inflate and deflate the mattress within 4.5 minutes. Moreover, you can adjust the firmness level with a touch of a button. Unfortunately, it comes only in queen size but at a low price.

Here’s a list of details of famous brands and their rating:-

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